Terms & Conditions


Please ensure that your pet has been given the opportunity to relieved them self before entering the grooming salon unless walking service is requested prior to appointment at additional cost.

It is owners’ responsibility to inform the groomer of any changes since last visit or any medical conditions your pet may have.

owners are responsible for keeping their pet up to date with their parasite treatments and vaccinations.


We will do our best to groom your pet to your requirements. however, if your pet is excessively matted it might be clipped (shaved off).

Depending on the severity of the coat, which will be discussed during consultation, there may be an additional charge for grooming your pet in such condition.

In that case it won’t be possible to achieve the style you desire. as groomers, our PRIMARY concern is to relieve any distress or discomfort your pet may have as result of their severely or excessively matted coat (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/45/contents)


We reserve the right to refuse any groom at any time without reason -We strongly advise you to insure your pet. while we take every reasonable precautions to prevent any harm to pet, we will not accept any responsibility for anything which was caused rather than by negligence of the groomer.


PLEASE BE AWARE THAT PRICES ARE GUIDE ONLY! actual costs depend on many factors (e.g. size of pet, coat condition, density of coat, temperament, desired and achievable result,…) any additional costs will be explain to you.


As a courtesy please remember to call us as soon as you know that you will be unable to make your scheduled appointment and we’d be happy to rebook it for you.

If you miss an Appointment or fail to give us 24 hours notice you will be required to pay a fee of 50% of your service total.

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